15 November 2012

Frippery - A Knitting Pattern

I'm excited to release my next knitting design. This one took me a little while, as I had to re-knit it before I decided I really loved it.  But love it I do! 

Introducing Frippery!

My sweet friend, Ruby, was a reluctant, but perfect model for this little sweater.  Love her!

According to Mr. Webster, “frippery” describes something both elegant and showy but also frivolous and nonessential. Well, while puffed sleeves and ruffles may be frivolous to some, to me they are a necessity in any girl’s wardrobe. This little sweater is perfect for the elegant girl in your life looking for something just a little bit frivolous!

As always, my patterns are for sale on Ravelry, but if you want it right here right now, you can always !  Who's stopping you?

As always, I am ever thankful for the wonderful women who test knit my patterns for me, making them ready for everyone else!   

Here's to a little frippery in all of our lives!

1 comment:

  1. LOVE it! Now, to find a little girl to knit it for . . .


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